2 Powerful Questions to Improve Your Marriage

  If you’ve been married any length of time, you’re probably familiar with conflict. As a marriage counselor, I have the privilege of helping people navigate through conflict and learn new ways of resolving conflict in their marriage. Can you think of a conflict you’ve had with your spouse? How did it get resolved? Self-reflection…

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3 Ways to Live in the Moment

how to live in the moment

Teaching others strategies to learn how to live in the moment is an easy task. Actually choosing to live in the moment is much harder. In fact, I have a propensity to race around like a chicken with my head cut off. I often over-commit myself. Do you ever do that? Whether it’s at school,…

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Proverbs 19:21 When God Says No

    This past spring we decided that we wanted to move out of the home of 13 years. Our family has changed and so have our needs. So, the house went up on the market-for 5 months! It wouldn’t sell, despite Facebook ads, open houses and under pricing. We did everything we could to…

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5 Ways to have the Peace of God

peace of God

Valleys seem to be the place we lose sight of the peace of God. I can think of so many seasons in my life that the peace of God seemed out of reach. In the valleys, I’ve longed for the peace of God and couldn’t find it as I navigated the darkness. When I look…

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Scripture Devotional – Joshua 1:8

joshua 1:8 scripture devotion

I am the mother of two active spirited children. They love danger. The words “be careful” are always on my lips. As they race around the house, “be careful”. As I drop them off at school in the morning, “be careful”. As they head off to friends homes… “be careful”. Those 2 simple words are…

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