Parenting a Perfectionist: 5 Strategies

christian parenting perfectionist

Are you struggling in parenting a perfectionist child or teen? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve got one too! Parenting the Perfectionist Perfectionist children and teens have a personality trait that literally accepts nothing less than perfection. They desire flawless outcomes. These kids are extremely critical of themselves when they don’t reach the unreasonably high…

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What is Depression? 5 Causes

what is depression causes

What is Depression? What is depression? It’s the proverbial elephant in the room. Nobody wants to say the word “depression”. And forget about relating it to themselves. Have you ever noticed that synonyms for depression are accepted? Nobody minds when you feel blue, sad, down, bummed or unhappy, but whatever you do, don’t say depressed.…

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Scripture Devotional – Joshua 1:16

mini scripture devotional Joshua 1:16

  Scripture Devotional: Joshua 1:16 I love reading about the Israelites . It’s a story that reminds me of myself. The Israelites start out as slaves, freed in Exodus, then wandering around in the desert they struggle to trust and obey God – like me. But God’s love and faithfulness remains unwavering for the Israelites.…

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Learning How to Trust Again

how to trust again

    A reader sent in a question about learning how to trust again. This is a common question after experiencing betrayal with in the marriage. Let’s dive in… Q.  My spouse betrayed the trust in our marriage. I don’t feel like I can ever trust him again. Is rebuilding trust even possible? A.  The…

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Finding Purpose in Emotional Pain

emotional pain

    How do you respond to emotional pain? Do you tend to run from emotional pain? Maybe you fight and resist any sign of pain on the horizon. It’s possible you surrender, accepting your circumstances. We all face seasons when emotional pain collides with our life. The “why’s” can be counterproductive and drain us…

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