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Overcome Worry & Fear!


Learn how to stop feeling anxious with the step by step workbook. Take back the peace and joy in your life today with this workbook! {20 page workbook with instructional video}


Constantly Overthinking

Racing Thoughts

Excessive Worry

I've battled my own anxious thoughts...In this workbook I am giving you the complete formula that can stop fear and anxiety. You will get the relief from the anxious thoughts you want. The workbook combines biblical teaching with cognitive therapy strategies to calm anxiety in 20 colorful worksheets {with video} to guide you through the steps of identifying and challenging anxious thoughts.

forgiveness journaling

Winning the Battle of the Mind

It is absolutely possible to win the battle of the mind with the right tools. Learn how to stop feeling anxious with step by step instructions to identify and challenge thoughts that create anxiety and fear.


The 4 Biggest Mistakes We Make When Battling Anxious Thoughts Are...

Mistake #1

We underestimate the impact of our thought life.

Mistake #2

We believe it’s too hard to change the way we think.

Mistake #3

We believe a life without anxiety is impossible.

Mistake #4

We search for a quick fix for our anxious thoughts.

How to Stop Feeling Anxious {Workbook}

This workbook teaches you how to stop feeling anxious by identifying and challenging the thoughts that create anxiety and fear. You get an instructional video to walk you through the workbook step by step.

Take A Look Inside

Big Picture

Get an overview of how our thoughts impact our life and create anxiety.

Identify Thoughts

Learn how to identify anxious thoughts so you can begin to challenge thoughts that cause distress.

Challenge Thoughts

Get a total of 7 ways to challenge anxious thoughts and begin to get anxiety relief.

Prevent Thoughts

Learn how to cultivate a healthy thought life in order to prevent anxious thoughts from returning.

Instructional Video

Get a short instructional video to walk you through the workbook step by step.

Imagine a Day Without Anxious Thoughts...

The anxiety workbook opens up the opportunity to experience life without anxious thoughts controlling your day. You will be walked through, step by step, how to stop feeling anxious! 

Self-Guided Anxiety Bible Study

…a Licensed Christian Therapist. I teach people new patterns of living and relating that line up with God’s Word and His purpose for their life. I developed the digital workbook, “How to stop Feeling Anxious” from 15 years of experience doing Cognitive Therapy and applying Biblical Counsel to real life. It’s also an area that I have struggled with myself. I know first hand how frustrating it can be to battle the mind. But, I also know first hand how effective the tools are in this workbook!


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The workbook is based on research proving the effectiveness of identifying and challenging anxious thoughts.

How long do i have access?

How does forever sound? You will have lifetime access to any and all updates. Print the workbook as many times as you’d like!