Christian Anxiety Guide

Are you ready to experience more peace in your day? Get the {quick start} guide to overcoming fear and anxiety?

    Here’s what you’ll get inside the FREE {Quick Start} Guide:

    • Identify the biggest mistakes made in the battle of the mind {so you don’t make them}.
    • Understand the powerful impact our thoughts have on our emotions.
    • Learn why wielding The Word is vital to your success!
    • Get the 3 step process used by licensed therapists to take thoughts captive.

    Hello there, I’m Sunshyne!

    …a Licensed Christian Therapist. I teach people new patterns of living and relating that line up with God’s Word and His purpose for their life. I developed the curriculum, “How to Stop Feeling Anxious”  and  “Taking Thoughts Captive” from 15 years of experience doing Cognitive Therapy and applying Biblical Counsel to real life. It’s also an area that I have struggled with myself. I know first hand how frustrating it can be to battle the mind. But, I also know first hand how effective the tools offered in this free guide and the curriculum!

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