100 Powerful Daily Christian Affirmations

person holding a journal; title- 100 daily christian affirmations

Daily Christian affirmations incorporated into everyday life is one of the most powerful ways we can lean into God. Using daily Biblical affirmations is how we can trade lies for truth. It’s simply declaring that the Scriptures are true and we can believe what they say about us, the world and God. Knowing the truth…

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35 Encouraging Bible Verses for Loneliness

title: 35 bible verses for loneliness | woman standing alone

Before we get into the list of Bible verses for loneliness, I have a question… Did you know you were made for love and belonging? It’s part of our DNA as image bearers of the Most High God. We are created for real relationship, first with God, then with others. It’s inevitable- everyone will experience…

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Free Worksheet for Self Awareness {50 Prompts}

title: 50 free self awareness journal prompts

In this article we are going to cover the self awareness, it’s benefits and how to achieve it with self awareness worksheets. It always helps to know why something is important; In order to have your best life, you need to understand your own experience- your thoughts, emotions and actions. You can consider it a…

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164 Free Mental Health Journaling Prompts

title: 164 mental health journaling prompts

Mental Health Journaling Prompts If there is any advice I could give my younger self it would be to journal more! Journaling is the best way and most powerful tool to organize your thoughts and emotions in a way that can help you understand yourself, your people and your world. If you want to skip…

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35 Calming Biblical Affirmations for Anxiety

woman leaning against wall; title 35 biblical affirmations

In this article we are going to outline 35 Biblical affirmations for anxiety. If you are a Christian who battles with anxiety, then you know the struggle is real! Anxiety is all about uncertainty. It is defined as, “a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain…

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