Perfectionism and Shame

Are you ready to learn the connection between perfectionism and shame? We will explore how shame motivates constant striving and achieving. The purpose of this article it to shed light on the pattern of perfectionism so that a perfectionist can see the root, the pattern and the way out. This article will address the following…

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What is My Identity in Christ?{PDF}

title: who I am in Christ

Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of your identity in Christ? Knowing and believing my identity in Christ is foundational. Truth is powerful, but truth believed is life changing. Imagine believing and leaning into your identity in Christ. If Christians knew their identity in Christ, they would be the most confident people in…

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Reframing Negative Thoughts

title: how to reframe negative thoughts

Learning how to reframe negative thoughts is a game changer! In this article, we will outline what it means to reframe negative thoughts, why reframing negative thoughts is important and how to practice this very helpful technique to take negative thoughts captive. At the end, we will identify some examples of reframing negative thoughts, as…

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5 Ways to Guard Your Heart and Mind

title: 5 ways to huard your heart and mind

One of my favorite ways to study the Bible is doing a word study. Additionally, I love discussing how our thoughts drive emotions and behavior. So when God’s Word uses the phrase, “guard your heart and mind”, I’m leaning in! Get big insights from the Word Bible Study and learn 5 ways to guard your…

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How to Stop Being Defensive

title: how to stop being defensive

Everyone gets defensive sometimes! However, when defensiveness is a pattern it can become destructive. A pattern of defensiveness becomes destructive for both you as an individual and for your relationships. This is why it is so important to know how to stop being defensive. Patterns of defensiveness is an effort to self protect- let’s take…

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