How to Process Emotions

title: how to process emotions with free 5 step guide

Learning how to process emotions might be the most important skill one can learn. Every single day emotions get activated within us. Sometimes those emotions are triggered for obvious reasons and sometimes the reasons those emotions come up can be a bit more mysterious. Either way, digging in and processing difficult emotions and feelings increases…

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What does the Bible say about emotions?

title: what does the bible say about emotions

Strong emotions have a way of getting the best of us at times. We’ve all had moments when a reaction demonstrated out of control emotions. A moment in time when we felt like we were reeling or losing our cool. The burning question we are going to answer today is, “What does the Bible say…

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Self Compassion Worksheets

title: how to practice self compassion

In this article, self compassion will be outlined with ways to practice self compassion. Sign up to receive self compassion worksheets {PDF} and exercises to practice a new pattern of living and relating. What is compassion? In order to define self compassion, it’s helpful to first define compassion. Compassion is to feel deeply for another…

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How to Break Strongholds with the Bible and Prayer

title: how to break strongholds

Learning how to break strongholds through prayer and the Bible is a much needed super power. But don’t worry, if you put your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord then you have the super power dwelling in you (Holy Spirit) who enables and equipped you to break strongholds with your divine weapons.…

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Why is Self Awareness Important?

title: 50 self awareness journal prompts

I was talking with a friend recently and the topic of self-awareness came up. She asked, ‘Why is self-awareness important?’ The short answer is…you can’t change what you don’t know! But I am going to do you one better and dive deeper and I’m going to give you a list of self-awareness journal prompts. After…

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