90 Bible Journal Prompts for Your Spiritual Growth

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​I think we can probably all agree on the importance of renewing your mind with the Word of God. However, when my Bible study is on break for the summer, I tend to lose focus and accountability. I sit down with God and His Word and drift through a bit more aimlessly. Don’t get me…

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{100+} Ultimate List of Prayer Prompts

praying hands on bible; title- ultimate list of prayer prompts

Have you ever desired a more fervent prayer life? I know I have. Being in God’s Word has always been a strength for me, however being in my Heavenly Father’s throne room of grace requires intention. There are many different ways we can build intention into our prayer life. This article outlines 100+ prayer prompts…

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41 Powerful Bible Verses When You Feel Like Giving Up

flower and journal background; title: bible verses when you feel like giving up

Giving up is defined as “ceasing to make an effort or resign yourself to failure”. We have all been there. Hopelessness is the emotion that comes to mind. God’s Word outlines Bible verses when you feel like giving up. There is no avoiding hard times…it is not a matter of “if”, but a matter of…

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55 Uplifting Bible Verses About Value of a Woman

3 women hugging; title: bible verses about value of woman

Throughout the Bible, we see numerous examples of how God values and esteems women. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s love and value of women shine brightly. As we navigate Bible verses about value of a woman, God’s heart for women is revealed. The importance of women is revealed in the ways God used women in…

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150 Best Grief Journaling Prompts for Loss

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Grief journaling prompts is a great way to process any loss you may be facing. Processing a life event is an individual process. The goal of processing is to gain understanding, integration of the loss into your life and acceptance. Using journaling prompts can help promote healing, growth and resilience. We all face loss in…

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