Top 130 Bible Verses to Memorize for Every Christian

best bible verses to memorize

There is nothing in this world that has the transformative power of Scripture. No matter what you are facing- the Holy Bible has Truth that will be exactly what you need. In this article, you will find just the right Bible verses to memorize in any situation or season in your life. Memorizing key Bible…

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54 Powerful Bible Verses About the Goodness of God

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Before we dive into Bible verses about the goodness of God, it’s important to understand that our view of God has a BIG impact on our lives. We see the world through a lens of how we define ourselves, the world around us and God. Our view of God will not only impact how we think,…

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72 Best Bible Verses About Temptation & How to Overcome

oil painting background; title: 72 bible verses about temptation

Everybody faces temptation. Nobody is immune to being faced with temptation. We live in a fallen world and contend with the sin in our own hearts daily. Even Jesus faced temptation, yet He did not sin. As we review Bible verses about temptation, we will learn how we are tempted. And how to avoid falling…

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90 Bible Journal Prompts for Your Spiritual Growth

best bible journal prompts for spiritual growth on cream background

​I think we can probably all agree on the importance of renewing your mind with the Word of God. However, when my Bible study is on break for the summer, I tend to lose focus and accountability. I sit down with God and His Word and drift through a bit more aimlessly. Don’t get me…

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{100+} Ultimate List of Prayer Prompts

praying hands on bible; title- ultimate list of prayer prompts

Have you ever desired a more fervent prayer life? I know I have. Being in God’s Word has always been a strength for me, however being in my Heavenly Father’s throne room of grace requires intention. There are many different ways we can build intention into our prayer life. This article outlines 100+ prayer prompts…

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