100 Things to Pray For When You Don’t Know What to Pray!

praying hands over bible; 100 things to pray for right now

Have you ever desired to have a deeper prayer life? Me too! I think we have all been there. Prayer does not come naturally to me. In fact, it is an area of my relationship with God that I have to be very intentional in. Reading God’s Word comes more naturally. Being in God’s Word…

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59 Bible Verses About People Pleasing & How to Stop

people jumping; 59 bible verses about people pleasing

Are you a people pleaser? Spoiler alert…we all are sometimes. The difference between each person lies in the patterns and motives. In this article, we are going to tackle people pleasing by reviewing Bible verses about people pleasing in God’s Word. This means we will review Bible verses about pleasing man versus pleasing God. And…

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42 Important Things to Pray for Everyday

42 Important things to pray for everyday

Before we get into things to pray for everyday, I have to confess that praying does not come easy to me. Choosing to be intentional and having a prayer plan has helped me cultivate an effective prayer life. This article is intended to help you create prayer points so you can naturally incorporate prayer in…

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41 Powerful Bible Verses About Prayer Warriors

dried flowers background; title Bible verses about prayer warriors

Prayer is a powerful divine weapon. Bible verses about prayer warriors highlight a mind set in regard to prayer. Prayer warriors enter the throne room of their Heavenly Father on behalf of others, in difficult situations and to fight spiritual warfare. Talking with God is part of the daily walk of believers. Prayer is a…

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48 Best Bible Verses About Beauty of Woman

48 best bible verses about the beauty of woman

According to the Bible, inner beauty includes the qualities of the heart that reflect a person’s alignment with God’s values. In other words, the beauty of women goes way beyond physical beauty. I would argue that it is the inward qualities that enhance outward appearances. Bible verses about beauty of woman clearly point to the…

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