Marriage Communication Skills Quiz

effective marriage communication skills quiz

Marriage communication skills are the vehicle that drives you to deeper intimacy. Thriving marriages are strongly connected and built on solid marriage communications skills. Communication is literally defined as a means of connecting with other people to express ideas, thoughts and feelings. I have a very sweet Labrador retriever. There’s one problem… he doesn’t know…

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How to Live Your Identity in Christ

identity in christ verse

Identity in Christ Over the weekend, I curled up with my teen and watched Cinderella. As the movie winded down, I saw several similarities to our identity in Christ. I was reminded of God’s deep love as I reflected on our identity in Christ as believers- it brought a smile to my face. The first…

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7 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

how to deal with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people is something everyone faces. We all have someone who is, well, difficult. Rick Warren coined it best when he referred to difficult people as “extra grace required” people. Knowing someone difficult is easy. Dealing with difficult people is the hard part. The worst part is the dread that precedes any gathering…

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15 Self Reflection Questions for Couples

self reflection questions for couples

  Asking self reflection questions is the impetus for personal growth and transformation. Let’s outline what self reflection is, the purpose in self reflection questions and how to go about asking the hard questions. What is Self Reflection? Self reflection is meditation or serious thought about one’s character, actions and motives. In other words we…

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3 Lessons from Ruth in the Bible {FREE 10 day study}

ruth in the bible study

  My journey through the book of Ruth in the Bible has been long overdue. I’ve heard over and over…“You haven’t studied Ruth?!” Sure, I had read the story several times and watched the movie, but studied?… No. This small, but mighty book about Ruth in the Bible had several over arching themes. Each chapter held…

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