50 Important Bible Verses About the Power of Prayer

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The list of Bible verses about the power of prayer give incredible wisdom on the importance of prayer. When we don’t believe in the power of prayer we will miss out on a deeply intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. Instead of praying, we will lean into our own strength rather than His. We will depend…

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50 Inspiring Bible Verses About Self Love

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Self love is a hot topic in today’s world. Some view the concept of self love as sinful or selfish. However, as you read through the Bible verses about self love, you will find that it’s more about understanding and believing we are valued and loved by God. Understanding and believing that Truth guides how…

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100 {Free} Self Healing Journal Prompts for Trauma

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Journaling is a powerful tool to help you process negative emotions and past trauma. Knowing where to start can sometimes be challenging.  This is why free journal prompts are provided here! In this article, you will know exactly where to start with 100 Self Healing Journal Prompts! Not everyone has the same resources or access…

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37 Powerful Scriptures on the Mind of Christ

Title: what does it mean to have the mind of christ

Having the mind of Christ means we align with the character and nature of Christ through our thoughts, attitudes and actions. Essentially, we value what Jesus values and prioritize what Jesus prioritizes. As we look at some of the Scriptures on the mind of Christ we will see Jesus values people, His heavenly Father and…

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50 Powerful Bible Verses on Wisdom and Knowledge

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What if there was something that would make your life and relationships better? Wisdom will do that! The Bible verses on wisdom and knowledge below, will cause you to chase after God and His wisdom with reckless abandon. Wisdom comes from the Ultimate Source of wisdom- God. He has graciously left His Word to help…

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