Trust and Forgiveness in Relationships

how to gain trust and forgiveness

Trust and forgiveness in relationships is a foundational and necessary part of solid relationships. When trust is broken in a relationship the pain experienced feels much like a rug that has been ripped out from under you. We’re left to doubt the trustworthiness of everyone around us and even our own judgment. The only way…

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15 Rules for Fighting Fair in Marriage

rules of fighting fair in marriage

If you’ve been married for any longer than a minute, you’ve probably found yourself in the middle of a lovers spat. When emotions run high, fighting fair in marriage can quickly fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, unfair fighting in marriage is one of the things that can hurt a marriage. It’s especially tempting to break…

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Does Anxiety Cause You to be Controlling?

anxiety and controlling behavior

Anxiety and Controlling Behavior Fear and anxiety is common to everyone. We all find ourselves in situations in which we feel fearful or anxious at one time or another. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders. That’s almost 20% of the United States. No wonder Bible…

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Stop the Blame Game in Marriage

how to stop the blame game

The blame game in marriage is one of the biggest hurdles couples face when pursuing conflict resolution. It’s an unproductive pattern that every single couple faces and must and guard against. The Bible even records the blame game in marriage all the way back in Genesis. We are all familiar with Adam, Eve and eating…

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts

stop negative thinking

Before we learn how to stop negative thoughts, we have to learn how to identify negative thought patterns. At first glance, it seems a simple task to identify negative thoughts. However, negative thought patterns are shaped over the span of our lives beginning in childhood. Consequently, the way we think about things become second nature.…

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