55 Surprising Bible Verses About Confusion

bible verses about confusion; deception leads to confusion; foggy tree background

Before we search Bible verses about confusion, let’s first define it. Confusion is a state of mental uncertainty or lack of clarity. It occurs when your thoughts, feelings, or perceptions are disordered or foggy, making it difficult to understand or make sense of a situation. Confusion can also be described as a sense of chaos,…

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Top 76 Faith Filled Scriptures On Trusting God

scriptures on trusting God

Trusting God is such a vital topic in the life of a Christian. And what does it even mean to trust God? What do we need to know from God’s Word about God’s promises and God’s character in order to have deep faith? In this article, we will meditate on some of my favorite Bible…

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46 Best Bible Verses About Glorifying God

flower background; title 46 best bible verses about glorifying God

Glorifying God is the very purpose for which every Christian is created. It’s to God’s glory that we simply live out our faith. Whether its our good deeds, fruits of righteousness, being obedient children or works of service- we bring glory to the God of Heaven.  Our ultimate purpose is to glorify God and enjoy…

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Top 31 Qualities of a Godly Woman

flower background; title: 31 qualities of a godly woman

The qualities of a godly woman includes compassion, integrity, and wisdom. She carries herself with grace and humility, prioritizing love and kindness in all her interactions. Her strength lies not only in her resilience but also in her ability to uplift and encourage those around her. She is grounded in her faith and God’s Word,…

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55 Important Bible Verses for Fear of Failure

flower background; title 55 bible verses for fear of failure

In this article, we are going to cover some of my favorite Bible verses for fear of failure. My hope and my prayer is that when you are done reading this you will have a new view of failure. Even more than that, I hope the Truth from the Word of God will make you…

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