130 Different Bible Verses About Emotions

girl screaming; title: bible verses about emotions

Sometimes our emotions can get the best of us and act in ways that we might regret. The list of Bible verses about emotions assures us that our emotions are part of the human experience. We are made in the image of our Creator and therefore have emotions. Feelings are not facts, but they are…

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42 {Faith Encouraging} Bible Verses About Resilience

42 bible verses about resilience with girl in flower field with arms up

In this article we will be covering all things related to reslience in the life of a Christian with Bible verses about resilience to guide us and define it thoroughly. Also, a couple of examples of resilience in the Bible and how to boost resilience to help you feel inspired, encouraged and strengthened to walk…

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75 Top Bible Verses About Lying and Deceit

title: 75 Bible verses about lying and deceit background rusted metal

There is so much good information in these Bible verses about lying and deceit! The Scripture references in this article will guide you in discerning safe relationships from unsafe relationships. You will learn how to spot manipulation and deal with people who have a pattern of manipulation. Additionally, you will be prompted to talk with…

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40 Comforting Bible Verses About God’s Presence

40 bible verses about God's presence; background beach sand and water

In this article we will cover Bible verses about God’s presence with His people is one of my favorite promises in the Bible. God’s presence gives us comfort because it reassures us of His love, care, protection, guidance, and faithfulness. It reminds us that we are never alone because we have a loving and compassionate…

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55 Powerful Scriptures on Forgiveness

7 scriptures on forgiveness

The act of forgiveness might possibly be one of the most challenging topics to discuss and even harder to execute. In this article, we will tackle lots of Scriptures on forgiveness. First, we have to point to God’s mercy through the Lord Jesus and His atoning sacrifice on the cross. Forgiveness of our sins is…

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