25 Best Bible Verses About Gentleness

image of butterfly and title: 25 bible verses about gentleness

Gentleness is a fruit of the Spirit, demonstrated through kindness and a heart of humility. We demonstrate God’s gentleness through our words and actions toward others and Jesus is our greatest example of gentleness in the Bible. Check out the 25 best Bible verses about gentleness in this article. You will learn new ways that…

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Top 12 Tips on How to Improve Conversation Skills

2 women talking

Have you ever longed for deeper more connected conversations? Those are the best! Verbal communication is the primary type of communication most people use, therefore conversation skills are paramount to connect with your people. Because conversational skills are necessary to achieve emotional connection, we are going to talk about practical ways to develop core skills…

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50 {Vital} Examples of Validating Statements

title: 50 examples of validating statements

Before we dive into examples of validating statements, I am going to expand your understanding of validation and how it is a great way to build emotional connection and allow someone to express emotional experiences. It will also be beneficial to know what invalidating statements sound like so you can avoid using them with a…

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How to Deal with Defensiveness in Others

Title how to deal with defensiveness in others

This article, is going to cover how to deal with defensiveness in others. You are gonna get my BEST 5 tips. Before we dive in, I want to level the playing field a little… We all get defensive sometimes. If this is a pattern for you and you want learn how to stop being defensive?…

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How to Stop Being Defensive

title: how to stop being defensive

Everyone gets defensive sometimes! However, when defensiveness is a pattern it can become destructive. A pattern of defensiveness becomes destructive for both you as an individual and for your relationships. This is why it is so important to know how to stop being defensive. Patterns of defensiveness is an effort to self protect- let’s take…

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