42 Powerful Bible Verses About Anger

powerful bible verses about anger; bible in background

Anger is a natural emotion and everyone experiences it! God’s Word gives us lots of information about human anger. In this article, you will learn about why it’s actually okay to experience anger and what to do with that emotion. Additionally, you are going to find out common reasons we get angry and why sinful anger is…

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Top 40 Bible Scriptures on Fellowship

group of friends

The Scriptures emphasize the importance of fellowship in the Bible. In Greek, the word “fellowship” can be translated as “κοινωνία”- koinonia. This term is often used to convey the idea of partnership, sharing, or communion. The fellowship of believers has many benefits such as encouragement, strengthening of faith and support to name a few. This…

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81 Surprising Bible Verses About Fools

joker in background; title how to deal with fools biblically; bible verses about fools

There are so many wonderful truths to know as we cover Bible verses about fools. The Word of God helps us in identifying fools and even how to handle fools. Almost all the Bible verses in this article comes from the Book of Proverbs. As you  review the passages ask God to show you any…

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72 Best Bible Verses About Temptation & How to Overcome

oil painting background; title: 72 bible verses about temptation

Everybody faces temptation. Nobody is immune to being faced with temptation. We live in a fallen world and contend with the sin in our own hearts daily. Even Jesus faced temptation, yet He did not sin. As we review Bible verses about temptation, we will learn how we are tempted. And how to avoid falling…

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How to Deal With Manipulators Biblically

masked man sitting on ground; title- how to deal with manipulators biblically

God’s Word has everything we need to live a godly life, including how to deal with manipulators biblically. In this article we are not only going to talk about how manipulation is a sinful behavior, but you will be able to recognize when manipulation is being used and how to deal with a manipulative person.…

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