Are you ready to grow spiritually and personally? Then you are in the right place! All the resources listed here are authored by a licensed Christian Counselor & Life Coach.

Know your value, know your worth

Knowing your value and worth through the eyes of God will change your life! When we don’t know our worth and value we experience increased anxiety and depression. We say yes when we want to say no. We won’t practice healthy boundaries. We will stay in unhealthy relationships. We will even struggle to set and achieve goals. This worksheet bundle uses research based techniques and Biblical Truth to grow your confidence.

Ready to Overcome Worry & Fear?

Learn how to stop feeling anxious with the step by step workbook. This is for anyone who struggles with anxious thoughts. Take back the peace and joy in your life today with this workbook {+video}!

Forgiveness & Healing Workbook

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Get the detailed guide to forgiving even when the other person isn’t sorry or doesn’t change. You can begin experiencing freedom from the past TODAY!

{20 page PDF + Instructional Video}

Forgiveness & Healing Workshop

Video 1: Over an hour of jam packed information on forgiveness. Topics include how to forgive, the process of healing, trusting after betrayal and more! 

Video 2: Almost an hour long, covering the most frequently asked questions about forgiveness. How do you forgive someone who continually hurts you? How do you forgive and move forward in relationships? How do you forgive and forget? 18 questions in total!

Ready for some big changes?

Changing your thoughts will change your life! Get the only online course that walks you through the step by step guide to gain control of your thought life. It’s time to reclaim the joy and peace in your life!

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Living out God’s purpose comes with it’s challenges. The Christian life isn’t always a walk in the park. Everyone faces challenges…This is where we sort through the challenges and seek  how God’s Word speaks to each of our lives. Let’s pair truth with encouragement and walk together.