Inner Critic {Worksheets}

title: silence the inner critic

If you are looking for inner critic worksheets, then you are probably interested in silencing your negative self-talk. What you may not realize is just how powerful self-critical thoughts and negative self talk are when we don’t put a stop to it. It is our inner critic that leads us to experience deep pain. It…

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Take Every Thought Captive {+Bible Study}

title take every thought captive woman on laptop

Does taking every thought captive seem like a bit of a mystery to you? There was a time it seemed like an out of reach dream to me. Like you, I longed for a break from negative thoughts that caused so much trouble in my mind. I would read articles on “how to take thoughts…

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Best Bible Verses to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Title: Bible Verses to Overcome Negative Thoughts; woman thinking

I can’t wait to dive into Bible verses to overcome negative thoughts with you. There is nothing more powerful than the Word of God to help us change negative thoughts that may be robbing us of peace and joy in our lives. No matter what patterns of negative thinking you have… there is good news-…

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How to Process Emotions

title: how to process emotions with free 5 step guide

Learning how to process emotions might be the most important skill one can learn. Every single day emotions get activated within us. Sometimes those emotions are triggered for obvious reasons and sometimes the reasons those emotions come up can be a bit more mysterious. Either way, digging in and processing difficult emotions and feelings increases…

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How to Deal with Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts (for Christians)

title: how to stop intrusive thoughts guide for christians

Nobody wants to deal with unwanted intrusive thoughts! This article is written specifically with Christians in mind- authored by a licensed Christian Counselor. As Christians, we navigate all things related to mental health through the lens of His Word. Get the answers to the tough questions… What are intrusive thoughts? What are examples of intrusive…

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