Overcome Destructive Patterns of Relating

Learn How to Overcome Destructive Patterns

Unhealthy patterns of relating create a lot of unnecessary pain in our lives.  Unfortunately, we can’t always spot the problem. We only know that fights don’t get resolved. Frustration, regret and resentment simmers beneath the surface. Conversations that need to happen just aren’t happening. 

It doesn’t have to be like this… keep reading to find out how this workshop can change your relationships (and your life)!


title: overcoming destructive patterns of relating video course

Ready for a BIG Change?

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“I can’t keep doing this…
Something has to change.”

I know how you feel…

You keep thinking if you just weren’t so… (fill in the blank), then it would be better. Note: Self blame is so common.

Conversations go in circles with no real resolution. Everyone walks away feeling worse and a level of defeat that words cannot express.

The disagreement starts on one topic, but you find yourself talking about another topic. You’re genuinely perplexed about how you got there.

You feel defensive and misunderstood. Or maybe you are walking on eggshells to avoid conflict.

Lots of topics just seem to be “off the table”. In other words, you aren’t allowed to talk about the things that need to be discussed.

Your responses might cycle between emotional explosions or completely shutting down. 

“Relationships shouldn’t be this hard.”

…But what if you just needed to learn how to recognize the problem and have the solution?

What if you could resolve things without exploding in frustration?

Imagine coming to a resolution without tempers flaring?

Start having healthy conversations that bring you closer rather than farther apart.

Learn how to respond without reacting.

What if you could learn how to stop participating in the problem?

Do you feel confused?

In order to respond to challenging relationships in a way that is productive, we first have to be able to identify the problem. This workshop will help you spot the problems that are likely leading to a breakdown in your relationship.

Destructive patterns of relating cause relationships to be painful. Have you found yourself wondering why it is so hard to communicate with your person? Why can’t we resolve conflict? Why is this relationship so hard? What am I doing wrong?

Unfortunately, unhealthy patterns of relating can become our “normal”. However, after doing life like this for an extended period of time we grow weary and give up on trying. It’s simply not sustainable. Emotions get stuffed down or become explosive. Conversations are far and few between…and the things that desperately need to be said aren’t being said. 

At then end of this workshop, you will not only be able to spot the pattern that’s causing you so much frustration, but you will have actionable ways to respond moving forward. No more mirroring or participating in the problem.

I’m ready for a change!

It’s time to STOP the unnecessary pain!

title: overcoming destructive patterns of relating

Ready for some big changes?

What if I said you don’t have to feel powerless? There is hope for your relationship. It is absolutley possible to honor God by offering grace, love AND TRUTH to our person. This workshop will help you do just that! Get the workshop that will help you change the dance in your relationships. As you begin to practice new healthy patterns in your relationships, the dynamics change. 

While we can’t control other people, we can control our words and actions. That alone will change the dynamic of the problem. I know you want to do things differently, but are at a loss for how…

So are you ready for some change in that difficult relationship?

Ready for healing to begin?

Are you tired of a steady stream of frustration, regret and resentment bubbling beneath the surface?

Get the workshop and learn new patterns that you can start practicing right away. 

I want REAL solutions

Go from feeling powerless to empowered!

video course overcoming destructive patterns of relating

5 Destructive patterns

I want the workshop!

5 Destructive patterns

In the workshop we cover defensiveness, criticism, controlling and blame shifting.

The common theme when faced with these destructive patterns is poor boundaries.

In challenging relationships we often mirror the unhealthy pattern. This workshop will help you break free from patterns that do not demonstrate your best.

You will learn how to stop participating in the problem.

You will learn how to stop arguing with someone who is committed to misunderstanding you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

You can watch the course easily in one sitting, however, move at your own pace. You have lifetime access!

What if I am unhappy with the Workshop?

We would never want you to be unhappy with the course. You have 30 days to get a complete refund. Although, if you implement the tips in the course- your relationship will change.

This is more than I want to spend…

The course is close to 2 hours in length, authored by a licensed Christian Therapist (valued at $230). The truth is, you can’t afford not to get this course if you have a hard relationship in your life. Don’t waste anymore time engaging without REAL solutions.

Why do I need this workshop?

If you are alive and breathing- you will encounter unhealthy patterns of relating.

Whether you have a challenging relationship right now or not- the skills taught in this course are life changing. You will need these skills at some point- you may even be the person who speaks life into someone else’s relationships.

I’m ready for a new patterns of relating!

I’ve been doing therapy and life coaching for 18 years. Like you- I have challenging relationships in my life. There are so many things I would have done differently had I known then, what I know now. These tips would have changed my life 25 years ago.


If I had the skills taught in this course, I would have responded in a more God-honoring way. I wouldn’t have walked away from so many relationships. And…I would have walked away from others. I would have honored God by speaking the truth in love rather than lashing out angrily. I would have fewer regrets. This workshop is for anyone who engages with others- at work, church or home! 


In Christian community, we focus on loving others and speaking the Truth is less emphasized. However, I would suggest that when the truth of unhealthy patterns of relating go unchecked and there is a lack of accountability- we are walking outside of God’s purpose for our lives.


Don’t make the mistakes that I made for far too many years. Instead, learn how to love well AND speak truth…one without the other is ineffective.