Silence Your Inner Critic

Worksheets with tools to practice a new way to talk to yourself.

Guide to Process Emotions

Download the 5 step guide to processing through difficult emotions.

Self Compassion Worksheets

Download self compassion tips and journaling prompts.

50 Self Awareness Journal Prompts

Download 50 (thought provoking) journal prompts!

Who I am in Christ Bible Verses

Download 16 Bible verses about your identity in Christ.

When to Keep Your Mouth Shut Bible Verses

Check out this list of Scriptures on when to keep your mouth shut!

Ephesians Bible Study

Download your 21 day Bible Study of the book of Ephesians. Study emphasizes the 3 question method.

50 Spiritual
Journal Prompts

50 Spiritual Journal Prompts to help you go deeper in your walk with God and grow you spiritually.

ACTS Prayer Method

Download the ACTS prayer method worksheet. 

Biblical Affirmations

Download 31 Biblical Affirmations to deepen your understanding of your identity in Christ.

Forgiveness workbook

Get the detailed guide to forgiving even when the other person isn’t sorry or doesn’t change. You can begin experiencing freedom from the past.

{20 page PDF + Instructional Video}

title christian counseling coaching

Christian Counseling & Life Coaching

Living out God’s purpose comes with it’s challenges. The Christian life isn’t always a walk in the park. Everyone faces challenges…This is where we sort through the challenges and seek  how God’s Word speaks to each of our lives. Let’s pair truth with encouragement and walk together.

Take Every Thought Captive E-Course

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Self Forgiveness
Bible Verses

Download the list of Bible verses for self forgiveness and letting go of the past.

3 Question Bible Study Method

Download the 3 question Bible study method worksheet to help you dive deeper in Scripture.

Forgiveness Workshop

The  “How to Forgive” Workshop is the complete guide to everything you need to know about forgiveness. Learn the step by step guide to truly forgive and find freedom from the past. Imagine letting go of the past and walking in peace and joy. 

SOAP Bible Study

Download the SOAP Bible Study worksheet to dive deeper into Scripture.

Anxiety Workbook

Learn how to stop feeling anxious with the step by step workbook. This is for anyone who struggles with anxious thoughts. Take back the peace and joy in your life today with this workbook {+video}!


Journaling Guide

Get the free guide that will move you from being stuck in the past to living fully in the present. Trade deep disappointment for healing and restoration!

Taking Thoughts Captive
online Course

Changing your thoughts will change your life! Get the only online course that walks you through the step by step guide to gain control of your thought life. It’s time to reclaim the joy and peace in your life!

Finding Purpose in the Pain | Bible Study

Download the Bible study- finding purpose in the pain. Be encouraged through the reminder that God is always working in and through everything…even in the hard places.

Sovereignty of God Bible Study

Download the Sovereignty of God Bible Study to enlarge your understanding of His power.

Step By Step Guide to stop feeling anxious

Get the quick guide on how to stop feeling anxious. Taken from the complete “Anxiety Workbook”.

Identity in christ bible study

Grow your understanding of your identity in Christ with this Bible study worksheet.

peace of god printable guide

Learn 5 ways to experience the peace of God with this printable guide.

communication bible study

Looking for more effective communication? Find out what the Bible says about communication with this printable Bible study.

ruth bible study

Get the 10 day Ruth Bible Study!

gratitude prompts

Download 25 gratitude journaling prompts to begin cultivating the practice of finding the good.

Bible Verses for Fear & Anxiety

Download helpful Bible verses as you practice leaning into the promises and character of God.

Self Care Tips with Scripture

Self care is not selfish! It’s biblical- check out the Scriptures that emphasize what self care looks like for a Christian.

Taming the Tongue Bible Study

Learn what James has to teach us about taming the tongue in this printable Bible study.

5 Mindfulness Activities for Anxiety

Download this printable with 5 activities to help when overwhelmed with anxiety.