52 Top Bible Verses About Hatred Toward Others

bible verses about hatred toward others with mountain background

It is impossible to live in a fallen world without experiencing hurt in relationships with others. If deep hurt from a family member, friend or fellow believer is not addressed, it can lead to hatred. In this article, we are going to go over Bible verses about hatred towards others. Both New Testament and Old…

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Top 61 Bible Verses About the Power of Words

bible verses about the power of words

I want you to think of the last time someone spoke kind words over you. Or maybe you might recall a time when someone spoke harsh or hurtful words over you. Reflect on either scenario and recall the feelings that were associated with those words. Words are pretty powerful- good or bad. Our language is…

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86 Uplifting Bible Verses For Discouragement

watercolor background and title is bible verses for discouragement

There is no way around feeling discouraged in life at some point or another. Discouragement stems from living in a fallen world (more on that in a moment). God’s Word makes this truth quite clear, but the Word of God also makes the character and promises of God evident as well. In this article, we…

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33 Important Bible Verses to Calm Anger

hand holding stress ball; title- Bible verses to calm anger

Anger is a natural emotion and everyone experiences it! God’s Word gives us lots of information about human anger. In this article, you will learn about why it’s actually okay to experience anger and what to do with that emotion. Additionally, you are going to find out common reasons we get angry and why sinful anger is…

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Praying For Those Who Hurt You Is Powerful!

Praying for those who hurt you with blue watercolor mountains in background

Praying for those who hurt you can be the most powerful and loving thing you can do. In this article, let’s unpack the heart of God when we are dealing with the pain of broken relationship. We will identify Bible verses about praying for our enemies and why this is beneficial. Additionally, God’s grace to…

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