Easter: 3 Ways to Teach Kids About the Resurrection

Easter is a great time to teach about the Resurrection of Jesus. This is THE story of salvation. The 3 ways listed here are ways that are tried and true in our family. I cherish the times we sat on the floor taking apart the resurrection eggs. Looking forward to Resurrection cookies Sunday morning. And now, making a Resurrection garden since the kids are older.

So How Do We Teach the Resurrection?

Explaining the Resurrection (what, why, how)?

  • Luke 22-24 tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection starting with the betrayal and last supper.
  • Explain the events leading to the resurrection. Explain how many people saw Jesus alive following His resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15:3-8.
  • Help your kids understand that Jesus’ resurrection means God is Powerful Creator, able to raise people to life after death. And that we have that same victory over death when we put our faith in Christ (1 Corinthians 15:53-58)
  • This also confirms the deity of Christ. If Christ wasn’t God and only a man, then His death for our sins would be meaningless. (John 1:1)
  • We, too, look forward to a glorified body, risen through Christ (1 John 5:11-12).

Where is Jesus (then and now)?

  • It’s helpful to see where the Resurrection took place on the map. Pull out a map of Jerusalem and point to it. I remember being a kid and thinking the Bible was a book of fascinating stories. But they are more than that…the Bible is Truth. Sometimes seeing a real place on a map or online brings it to life.
  • Explain that Jesus is alive and seated at the right hand of God (Hebrews 10:12).


A Few More Tips:

  • Look over the Scriptures ahead of time. Allow God to lead you in the points you emphasize based on your child’s knowledge and age.
  • Open the Bible as you teach your kids. You are leaving a legacy of faith! God has entrusted these kiddos to you and delights over you and your desire to share His Saving Truth.


3 Ways to Teach the Resurrection to Kids:



Resurrection Eggs are a fun way to let the kids hold symbols of the story as you read and outline the events leading to the Resurrection. Click on the picture for a link to some great images. Resurrection Eggs are sold on Amazon. I kept mine for many years, pulling them out often. Great tool for Sunday school, too!



Resurrection cookies add sweetness to the story! Whenever I add sugar to a bible study…they are all ears. Click on the picture to be led to a great post on how to make the cookies and explain the resurrection.



This is my current favorite. I do this with the kids now that they are older. We make the Resurrection Garden 2-3 weeks before Easter and use it as our centerpiece for the Easter dinner. I usually have the kids do a teach back to me. They tell the story of Easter to the adults. Great way to share the story of the good news to others at your Easter dinner table.

Teaching your kids the story of the Resurrection of Jesus’ is a gift. Salvation only comes through Christ as a gift from God. It’s our privilege to share the story of redemption with our children. Hope these 3 ideas work for your family!

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