Scripture Devotional – Joshua 1:8

joshua 1:8 scripture devotional

I am the mother of two active spirited children. They love danger. The words “be careful” are always on my lips. As they race around the house, “be careful”. As I drop them off at school in the morning, “be careful”. As they head off to friends homes… “be careful”.

Those 2 simple words are often met with groans and eye rolls. “I knooow, Mom”.

My heart is so full of love for them, I think it may burst sometimes. I say, “be careful” because I want to keep them from harm. My desire that they would be protected and safe fills those two simple words, “be careful”.

I want them to trust me and know I have their best and mind when I say “be careful”.

joshua 1:8 bible verse

When God tells Joshua, “be careful to do everything written”, I picture Him putting His hand on his shoulder, looking deep into his eyes with a gentle voice.

The words, “be careful”, slow and emphasized because He loves Joshua so much. He wants Joshua to know – “You can trust me, I want what’s best for you”.

God wants what’s best for you and me, too. He has left His Word outlining His best for us because He wants us to thrive and live our purpose before Him.


God putting his hand on your shoulder, looking deep into your eyes with so much love in His heart for you it may burst… gently, but firmly saying those two simple words, “be careful“.

Will you be careful today? Your ability to thrive and live your purpose depends on it.

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